Saturday, 9 August 2014


New crew Isobel and Danny

The past two days have been pretty calm (the calm before the storm :/ ) and we had a great journey back down the Thames, seeing the sights in the sunshine. New crew Isobel and Danny each had a turn at the helm and both enjoyed sitting at the bow of the boat. You can just see the Thames Barrier in the picture above.

Our sailing week came to an end today and as we drove home (stuck on the M25) I thought about my favourite part of the week. To my surprise, I found it was being at the helm when sailing; boat tipping, wind rushing and the crew rushing round trying to find the correct colour sheet! I'm not saying I'm converted yet (if I did, Dad would already have booked me on a sailing course) but we certainly had a fantastic week and I'm very proud to be part of my Dad's exciting journey. 

Good luck to the next crew... hearing weather reports on the radio, I think you're going to need it!

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