Sunday, 3 August 2014

Leg 13!

Well, I have to admit I had been waiting for this week to come - where I could write the blog from my perspective rather than my Dad's. Yes… as you may have guessed, it is time for a new crew and this week it is Dave and I (Laura - Jon's daughter).

Dave and I pretty terrified as the other two members of crew (the experienced sailors) were at last minute, unable to come aboard this week!

Our first day sailing. A force 6 wind for 40 miles with gusts of a force 7… Not a particularly pleasant trip, especially as the swell of the sea was extremely strong. My highlight was when Dad had to go and fix the light at the bow of the boat. I was left at the helm and went straight into a huge wave. Safe to say, I didn't really enjoy seeing my father disappear into the ocean with the bow of the boat. Whoops!

We are currently in Shotley Marina next to Felixstowe Port. We saw many many cargo ships unloading using enormous cranes. Tonight we are sat in the pub watching them still working. Impressive.
A tiring but exciting first day!

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